Plant a tree

Give to whoever you want and the environment, the best gift you could ever give: A TREE

What does it consist of?

By purchasing a tree you will receive a code to redeem on our platform that will allow you to choose the reforestation project you prefer, among the different ones scattered all over the world.

You will also be able to download a personalized certificate that certifies your gesture for our planet!

Are you digital or analog?

Choose if you prefer to simply receive the codes to redeem on our platform or if you prefer to receive one of our tickets: there are two types!


Each ticket has a unique code that, when entered in the appropriate address, allows you to plant a tree in the reforestation project you prefer.


The only ticket that can be planted twice! Each ticket contains a code to plant a tree in your favorite reforestation project, but then the ticket can also be planted itself! It is made of a super sustainable card from which flowers are grown!

Our green rules


The ticket contains a unique code with which you can plant a tree in one of our reforestation projects


By inserting the code in the appropriate page of the site, customers will plant a tree and will be able to download the certificate with your logo, which can be shared on the social network.

The advantages
for the environment

Produces oxygen

Cleans the air

Cleans the water

Combats climate change

Protects the soil

Creates cooler environments

Increases biodiversity

Contributes to the well-being of all

Protects against noise

Thanks to our direct relationship with reforestation projects, we can guarantee you the best price, maximizing the positive impact on the environment.