+1 Service

Add an up2you ticket to your product or service and let your customers plant a tree for every purchase!

What does it consist of?

With the +1 Service  you will add an up2you ticket to your product or service, allowing your customers to plant a tree for every purchase!

  • Impress your customers and effectively communicate your commitment to sustainability with the up2you service.
  • Increase your salesby immediately opening up to a growing segment: that of people and companies sensitive to sustainability..
  • Get visibility for your business: after planting the tree through the code, your customer can share the planting certificate with your logo and reference to your commitment to the environment on social networks!

Imagine if your business was associated with a positive memory in the minds of your customers …You can  periodically inform your customers about the progress and growth of your tree: is there a better opportunity to tell about your products or promotions?

Choose the ticket you prefer


Each ticket has a unique code that, when entered in the appropriate address, allows you to plant a tree in the reforestation project you prefer.


The only ticket that can be planted twice! Each ticket contains a code to plant a tree in your favorite reforestation project, but then the ticket can also be planted itself! It is made of a super sustainable card from which flowers are grown!

Remember that whatever your choice will be, there is no monthly fee or tariff for the service: the only cost for you will be the one to purchase our tickets!

Our green rules


Your customers find an up2you ticket inside the purchased product or receive it after using your service.


The ticket contains a unique code with which you can plant a tree in one of our reforestation projects.


By inserting the code in the appropriate page of the site, customers will plant a tree and will be able to download the certificate with your logo, which can be shared on the social network.

The advantages for your business


No launch costs required.


Apertura a segmenti di clientela sensibili al tema sostenibilità e maggiore soddisfazione del cliente


L’implementazione del servizio non richiede alcuno sforzo, attività aggiuntive o vincoli particolari


Communicate your commitment to the environment, get positive reviews, get visibility on social media and stay in touch with your customers!

Don't miss the chance:
make sustainability a fantastic opportunity.